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  • Automatic Billet casting machine
  • Germany type Micro drawing machine
  • Centrifugal tin powder Atomizing machine
  • CNC Solder wire Extruder
  • Zinc-aluminum alloy roller mill
  • Standard Multi-die drawing machine
  • Automatic wire Winding machine
  • Tri-planetary homogenuous mixer

A  How can we find a strengthful manufacturer in the case of large Soldering equipment technology improvements?

B,  Industry bottlenecks like Extruding mould scratche ,rosin broken , tin pot deformation, poor traction of  casting rods and
    ineffective wire winding.

C,What should us do if we lack production crafts and experiences of Solder wire, pure Zinc wire, zinc and tin alloy wire, zinc aluminum alloy wire ,

and fail to meet customers demand?

 D, If ordered equipments or equipment manufacturers has long distance with your factory, will the after-sales service can keep up?

Professional team, leading international technology

Victory Technology International ltd has a  strong research and development team, among  which has several engineers of full skill of the different fileds . a full set of international advanced automated production equipment, exquisite workmanship, calmly deal with all types of emergencies, to ensure the normal operation of your device!

Most professional team, dedicated to serve you

Victory Technology International Ltd is currently the  one of the largest manufacturer in industry of  soldering processing  equipment in China, with professional R & D team, continuous improvement innovation in 19 years, with annual sales of hundreds of millions of production scale, more than 1,000 customers in case witness, according to your requirements, tailored to meet your high demand.

Strong technical support, qualified after-sales service

Victory Technology has exported all over the world, professional service engineers and after-sales service team within 24 hours to response quickly, manny service is avaiable here for you with telephone, fax, video, home services, and provide strong technical support, thoroughly solve your queries and worries.

One-stop solution, professional production technology Guidance

Victory Technology International ltd is not just a equipment supplier,we  will  also help new entrants or customers facing bottleneck in production to implemente a training program besides the machinery operation technical guidance ,which assists customers in taking the first step.

公司簡介頂部的圖片 公司簡介頂部的圖片 公司簡介頂部的圖片 公司簡介頂部的圖片

Victory Technology International Ltd is a foreign enterprise engaged in designing and manufacturing Solder wire processing equipment(Extruder,Solder wire Drawing machine,Solder wire Drawing machine etc)  ,Solder Powder making equipment(Solder powder Atomizing machine,Ultrosonic Vibro Sifter etc ) ,Solder Paste equipment, Pure zinc wire processing machine, Zinc alloy Processing equipment (Continuous melting and casting Furnace, Alloy Extruder,Big bobbin winding machine) 

With 20 years manufacturing experience and technology ,it has won several patents and a complete and scientific quality management system and strong R & D team, R & D and manufacturing process equipment of its kind in Europe and the United States, constantly absorbing advanced technology and design enable it continuously make  improvements in product performance.
Companies registered capital of 10 million yuan, self-built modern standard workshop 33,000 square meters, is located in the beauty of Dalang Town, Dongguan City, it has convenient transportation, beautiful environment, and becomes a large-scale professional machinery manufacturers and one of the 50 key enterprises in Dalang town.

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